2015 Honda CR-V – changes

SUV lovers will be pleased to hear that coming soon is another SUV from the ranks of Honda and the 2015 Honda CR-V. This popular SUV that has become very popular due to their compatibility and reliability will experience considerable redesign although one of the best in its class. More precisely, we will not be far from the truth if I say that the issue will be a total redesign. Capacity cab car for the family including for long trips is very polite and is designed to transport five adults. Inside the cabin of this beaut will present a sophisticated style and a luxurious note that will give users to feel very comfortable. In addition, it will be very handy for driving and prilisno sparingly.

 2015 Honda CR-V side

As we have said, the previous model, nothing is missing and can not make any special changes to the 2015 Honda CR-V would be a big mistake. But knowing that Honda is a serious producer still not able to allow myself not to do a whole new vehicle to make and so far escorted all the trends of the automotive industry. Customers in the know to recognize the hard work and rewarded Honda very high average purchase. Inside the cabin will be as we have said will be a thing of beauty and it is equipped will all the latest systems that drivers will make getting lighter and safer. In the standard version of the equipment will be many features from the previous generation CR-V.

 2015 Honda CR-V rear

New 2015 Honda CR-V will have three different equipment (EX-L, LX and EX). System that will make driving a joy six speakers, CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, iPod / USB audio interference, auxiliary audio jack and so on. As for the engine, “Earth Dreams” is an engine that is expected to be under the hood, if the work is completed on it before reaching the market. If this does not happen, this engine will start to be used for vehicles 2017 model year. What is certain from the predecessor’s 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 185 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque, and will be paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. Date of this pretty boy at the end of this year or early next year, and the price will be from $ 24,500 and upwards, which will depend on the choice of engines and equipment.

2015 Honda CR-V interior

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  • Please can sent photo or video film related CRV-Honda model 2015 because i have same car but model2010
    Many thanks for feedback
    Dr.ahmed youssef
    Regulatory affair manager

  • Wayne says:

    When will the CR-V have a push button start?

  • Carol says:

    I own a 2010 CRV and love it. My complaints about the new vehicles are these:

    1. Honda did away with the open space in the front by putting in a console that gives a claustrophobic feel. It eliminated the open floor space which was a nice spot for a small package or pocketbook especially when there’s a passenger in the other seat. This is what initially attracted me to the CRV.

    2. With all the rules about distracted driving, texting, etc. why are auto manufacturers putting screens on the dashboards for various purposes? GPS, radio stations, etc. Really? I prefer to keep my eyes squarely on the road and the vehicles around me.

    3. All this technology (unnecessary, imo) eliminates the over 50-55 buyers that are not interested in it. These are the people with the most income to spend on a car. My husband and I have probably bought our last “new” car and my parents have bought their last new car. Why pay for something we don’t want? Henry Ford, where are you when we need you?